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Tips for Better Sleep In a Noisy Environment

Tips for Better Sleep in a Noisy Environment

In this week’s "Talking Acoustics”, Audimute’s acoustic specialist, Rick, discusses 5 inexpensive Tips for Better Sleep. We all know that sleep can be beneficial for many things including:

  • Lowering stress
  • Promoting a healthy weight
  • Improving memory retention
  • Living longer

However, for most adults a well rested night of sleep can be difficult to come by especially when trying to sleep in a Noisy Environment.  Sleeping in noise does not have to be something you’re forced to deal with and we want to give you some quick and easy Tips for Better Sleep.

  1. Seal Off Any Air Gaps

    Air passage ways, around your doors and windows, allow noise to transfer into your bedroom which can be disruptive to your sleep. Sealing off your doors and windows with weather stripping or our Door Seal Kit can greatly reduce the amount of noise interrupting your rest.

  2. Get a White Noise Generator

    A white noise generator will fool your brain into not hearing noise. Also, the low hum from a white noise machine will help sooth your mind to sleep. The best white noise generator to use is your bedroom fan!

  3. Block Out Light

    It is also important to block out disruptive light from your sleeping space. Light is so disruptive to sleep that an alarm clock was invented to gradually bring light into your bedroom as a means of waking you up. To ensure a night of restful sleep, make sure you turn off and block out all the lights in your bedroom.

  4. Communicate and Set Boundaries

    If you are living in an apartment or condo talking with your neighbors and establishing a time for noise making can be extremely helpful. If you are having a large party or planning to practice your drums ask your neighbors what time works well for their sleep schedule and hopefully they will do the same for you.

  5. Try to Relax

    Finally prepare yourself for sleep by concentrating on staying awake. This psychological game actually makes you feel drowsy and helps you fall asleep faster.

For more Tips for Better Sleep in a Noisy Environment watch the video below or give us a call, 866-505-MUTE, and one of our Acoustic Specialists will be happy to assist you. Stay tuned for next week’s Talking Acoustics video.