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Noise Control in Open Home Floor Plans: Talking Acoustics

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Open Home Floor Plans are the latest modern home design trend. This type of floor plan is ideal for hosting social gatherings; supervising your kids and allowing natural light permeate your home. However, the large reflective surfaces characteristic in an open concept home can create a variety of acoustical problems. These acoustical problems can reduce conversational clarity and intensify the sounds in your home.

In this week’s “Talking Acoustics” video, Rick (Audimute’s acoustic specialist) provides a few easy solutions to help make your open floor plan home a comfortable and inviting place to live.

Break Up Large Reflective Surfaces

The key to ideal acoustics in an open concept home is to break up the large reflective surfaces with soft, breathable materials. Breathable materials (like the ones listed below) absorb excess sound waves and can eliminate troublesome echo and reverberation.

Soft Materials for Successful Sound

• Tapestries
• Drapes and curtains
• Area rugs or carpeting
• Decorative partitions
• Absorption products (like our Acoustic Panels
• Fabric furniture versus leather (leather is a reflective material)

If excess noise and echo is a problem in your open concept home, feel free to give us a call and one of our acoustic specialists will be able to help you! For more information about Open Home Floor Plans, check out our Residential Spaces Resource Center