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Audimute vs. Cringe-Worthy Moments in Television

Soundproofing Solutions in Television

You know those cringe-worthy conflicts you watch unfold in film and on television due to poor noise control? What about those sounds you wish you never heard? Well at Audimute, we cringe harder. Why? Because we know these conflicts could have been prevented with a simple Audimute solution.


Cringe with us as we walk you through our easy fixes to these problems:

1. "Christmas Vacation"

Many consider the Griswold family to be the worst neighbors in television history. Despite our love for their quirkiness, we agree. Sorry, Griswolds, but displaying thousands of high-powered Christmas lights and chain-sawing your neighbor’s trees in the middle of the night doesn’t make for a pleasant living environment. This infamous behavior leads the holiday-obsessed family to acquire some enemies in close proximity. Had the neighbors implemented sound-blocking Peacemaker, the unwanted sounds of the Griswold’s bizarre lifestyle would remain where they belong: out of hearing reach. With Peacemaker obstructing the noises of the Griswold’s obnoxious tendencies, a hostile neighbor relationship could have been avoided. And maybe even a squirrel attack.




2. "Dumb and Dumber"

The “most annoying sound in the world” broadcast by Lloyd is still ringing in our ears. The echo of his screech bounced around their van with enough reverberation to make us all want to plug our ears. Had their furry vehicle been lined with our acoustic art panels, the sound of Lloyd screaming would have been tolerable. Acoustic panels eliminate high-frequency sound, preventing reflection and decreasing reverberation, regardless of how annoying that sound may be.




3. "School of Rock"

Jack Black’s character, the washed-up musician and phony substitute teacher Dewey Finn, selfishly recruits students as members of his band. To do so, he claimed band rehearsal was a school project that they were getting an illegitimate head-start on, hence the extreme covertness of the operation. The class has a few close encounters with the principal, Ms. Mullins, revealing the need for a soundproofing solution like Isolé. With Isolé hanging on the door and walls of the make-shift rehearsal space, the “School of Rock” could practice in peace without being overheard in the hallways of the school.




Take it from us, when it comes to comfort, sound plays a large role. Spare yourself the cringing and explore our acoustic art panels and other soundproofing solutions.