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Soundproofing & Noise Reduction in
Commercial & Institutional Spaces



Poor acoustics in your restaurant can result in lost revenue. If a customer has a negative experience due to sound quality issues, they may leave early, not return, and provide negative reviews.



Have a loud cafeteria? The sound of dishes and chatter can be reduced for a more relaxing dining environment.

house of worship

Houses of Worship

Echoes, reverberant noise, and muddy sound are often present in places of worship. Proper acoustic treatment allows speakers and music to be heard clearly and enjoyed even in the very back row.

classroom solutions


A better learning environment for students and teachers can be achieved with sound management solutions.

gym solutions

Gymnasium / Recreation

High ceilings and hard surfaces such as walls and floors can make the noise in gymnasiums and recreation rooms almost deafening at times. Audimute has the solutions.


Healthcare Facility

Noisy Hospital? When it comes to healthcare, a comfortable environment has much to do with acoustics. Installing acoustic solutions can help you create a better acoustic and aesthetic environment for patients and employees.

dance exercise studio

Dance / Exercise Studio

The booming bass of your favorite dance music, the clanking of weights, and the pounding of footfalls- it's the familiar clamor of your exercise studio. If the noise gets too loud, we have the solution.

performance space

Theater / Performance Space

Proper acoustics are critical in theater and performance spaces. We have a variety of sound absorption and sound barrier products that will help control sound as needed.



The largest of spaces such as auditoriums make for the most complicated acoustic problems. Shape, layout, and other features must all be considered when implementing an acoustic solution. We have you covered. Call 1.866.505.MUTE for free advice from an Acoustic Specialist.