Improve Classroom Acoustics

Classroom Acoustics

Why are good acoustics so important in the classroom?

The ideal classroom acoustics environment isn't one that sounds loud. Lectures, class presentations, group work, practicums, experiments, exploratory time...learning is best achieved without the distractions of a loud classroom. Teachers and administrators know just how disruptive a loud classroom can be to the learning environment, and how much the students can suffer from it. Distracting noise and poor acoustics is directly related to lower test scores and reading levels in students.

Recently, The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) introduced a standard for acoustical design of schools, S12.60-2002 “Acoustical Performance Criteria, Design Requirements and Guidelines for Schools”. This new performance criterion is in effect and includes several requirements for noise isolation in schools. With the new standard in effect, classroom noise has become more important than ever to the professionals designing schools and classroom. The implementation of noise control design is more important than ever.

Studies have been done by major organizations and universities concluding that children exposed to consistent, loud background noise during classroom hours read at a lower level on average compare to other children in areas with lower noise levels. Also, children exposed to the higher noise levels have more hearing problems later in life, as do the teachers. Teachers also have more problems with their voices after years of trying to shout over the noise.

How can Audimute help?

Since every classroom is a bit different, Audimute will review the spaces in need of soundproofing and develop a custom application to solve the background noise issues. In most classroom acoustics treatments, the critical component is solving the problem of echo and reverberation of mid- and high frequencies (typical of voice ranges). So, sound absorption with acoustic panels provide an effective acoustics solution. Audimute's panels are eco-friendly, health safe, and easy to install.

If you’d like to learn more about how Audimute can solve your classroom sound problems, give us a shout and we’ll see how we can help 1.866.505.MUTE.

Image Acoustic Panels Review

"For the large classroom, we created custom 4'x6' image panels using photos of models (headshots) that line the long wall on one side of the room. This bare wall was causing the sound to bounce off and reverberate back into the room. The custom decorative panels not only served to control the acoustics but also provide inspiration for the students and instructors alike...We are very pleased with the panels in the Washhouse and Presentation Hall, they made the difference we were looking for!"


Acoustic Panels Review

"I have a family child care home. Putting 5 toddlers in one room could get loud. That's before music and movement or a screaming tantrum. I bought the sound panels (kit) with some grant $$. It's wonderful!!!!"