Customer Reviews: Classrooms Acoustic Panels

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Classroom Acoustics

Acoustic Art Panel Review

"For the large classroom, we created custom 4'x6' image panels using photos of models (headshots) that line the long wall on one side of the room. This bare wall was causing the sound to bounce off and reverberate back into the room. The custom decorative panels not only served to control the acoustics but also provide inspiration for the students and instructors alike…We are very pleased with the panels in the Washhouse and Presentation Hall, they made the difference we were looking for!"

Heather's Review of Acoustic Art Panel

Standard Acoustic Panel Review 

"The panels are very well constructed - fit and finish are excellent. The metal frame system makes hanging so much easier than some of the other panels on the market. The panels made an immediate improvement in my room acoustics."

Karl's Review of Standard Acoustic Panels 

Standard Acoustic Panel Review

"I have a family child care home. Putting 5 toddlers in one room could get loud. That's before music and movement or a screaming tantrum. I bought the sound panels (kit) with some grant $$. It's wonderful!!!!"

Angela's Review of Standard Acoustic Panels