Custom Image Acoustical Wall Panels

Custom Image Acoustic Panels

High Quality Custom Acoustic Treatment

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Create Picture-Perfect Décor with Audimute Custom Image Acoustical Wall Panels

Decorative acoustical wall panels are the perfect blend of sound treatment and design style for every space. Our high-quality sound absorption materials are tailored to your size requirements and wrapped in your personal photos or logos to create custom image acoustic wall panels unique to your home or office.

Audimute acoustical wall panels are handcrafted in the USA and are both fire-rated and acoustically tested for safety and effectiveness in commercial and residential applications. From theaters and restaurants to lobbies and conference rooms, decorative acoustical wall panels set the tone for a comfortable and stylish sound experience!

Acoustical Wall Panels Feature:

  • Custom image and sizing options
  • High-quality design:  image-print fabric,  lightweight metal framing, USA handmade construction
  • Peak mid to high range frequency sound absorption - NRC 1.0 rating
  • Class A fire rating (ASTM E-84)
  • Eco-friendly materials: eco-C-tex™ sound absorption core crafted from recycled cotton and cellulose fibers
  • Easy installation: custom image acoustic wall panels hang as easily as a picture using a provided Z-clip

Audimute decorative acoustical wall panels are available in a variety of custom sizing allowing you to build up your treatment to reach your desired results. From a single large size panel to a display of smaller pieces, your new custom image acoustic wall panels create an inviting atmosphere that friends and customers alike will love to see and hear. Acoustical wall panels can be wrapped in your personal art, logo, or photo, or mix and match with some of our provided decorative acoustic panel gallery images showcasing your hobbies or interest in beautiful color and perspective.

Create your acoustical wall panels today and receive it in as few as 5-10 business days! Need more help? Call and Audimute Acoustic Specialist at 866-505-MUTE for free personalized sound advice, no strings attached.

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