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Sound Health and You: Age Induced Hearing Loss

Age Induced Hearing Loss solutions at homeAge induced hearing loss is a serious life altering condition, where one in three people over the age of 60, and one in two people over the age of 85, experience some type of age induced hearing loss.


Although it’s common, it’s not an easy adjustment to make. Recognizing the symptoms right away can make for a smoother transition into managing hearing changes with age.


Because so many factors can contribute to hearing loss as you get older, it can be difficult to distinguish it from noise induced hearing loss. While there is no single cause, it is most notably caused by changes in the inner ear that occur as you grow older.





Common Causes of Age Induced Hearing Loss

• Diabetes

• Poor circulation

• Exposure to loud noises

• Use of certain medications

• Family history of hearing loss

• Smoking



Hearing Changes with Age

Many people who experience hearing changes with age feel like a burden to family and friends talking around them, and begin to isolate themselves. Adding acoustic treatments, such as fabric sound panels, in social spaces at home can diminish sound clutter for cleaner room acoustics and more intelligible conversation for everyone. Incorporating acoustic treatments into these spaces early after the first signs of hearing loss can make the transition easier for everyone.


Symptoms of Age Induced Hearing Loss

• Muffled or distorted hearing

• Difficulty understanding phone calls

• Increasing TV and radio volumes higher than normal

• Feeling of pressure or fullness in your ears

• Ringing in the ears when in quiet places

• Inability to hear someone talking three feet away

If you or someone you know is experiencing trouble hearing at home, or if you simply wish to improve sound quality, check out our fabric sound panels or call an Audimute Acoustic Specialist at (866) 505-MUTE for personalized advice on soundproofing and acoustic solutions for your space.