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FAQ: How To Modify Open Floor Plan Acoustics


Open floor plan acoustics can determine how well you’re able to enjoy your home or office. Before modifying your social space, consider the importance of soundproofing open floor plan homes.


Q:           We are doing a see-through fireplace in our contemporary home. It will be a prominent feature in the open space. Because of all the hard surfaces and the ceiling height I'm hoping we can come up with some way to incorporate acoustical properties since this is happening in a social space of our home. Of course fire resistance is also important. What type of treatment or product would you suggest?


A:            We love the open floor plan trend, but the exposed hard surfaces can cause a lot of sound issues - especially when you modify it even more with a see-through fireplace. There’s no need to sacrifice your design vision as long as you incorporate open floor plan acoustics.


The key is to break up your large reflective surfaces with soft absorbing materials. If you have carpet or drapes in the space, you’ve already made some improvements, but even if those are in your design they won’t get the whole job done. The best approach to soundproofing open floor plan homes is soft acoustic panels.


Acoustic panels placed throughout your space are designed to break up these surfaces and soak up echo, reverberation, and mid to high range frequencies. This creates a calm atmosphere where clear conversation can happen, perfect for social and entertaining space. We typically recommend treating 10-25% of your open wall space as a starting point and building your open floor plan acoustics up from there until you achieve you desired sound.


The core of Audimute acoustic art panels, fabric sound panels, and all of our custom and signature panels are made from our recycled eco-C-tex™ material with an NRC rating of .95 for excellent mid to high range frequency absorption. All of our panels are also equipped with easy hang adhesive strip backings or hanging brackets, making soundproofing open floor plan homes as quick as mixing and matching colors, sizes, fabrics, and images to accent your fireplace centerpiece.


With an open fire place, it’s right to worry about fire ratings. All of our fabrics and interior blends are class A fire rated for commercial space safety. Residential safety standards vary so be sure to research your rating to insure the best indoor see through fireplace safety in your home.


We have found that when working with contemporary homes and open floor plan acoustics it is often best to have a couple of photos to help us to get an idea of the space and how the sound might be moving in it. If you are looking to treat your open layout, check out new beveled edge acoustic panels perfect for large scale applications, or call an Acoustic Specialist at (866) 505-MUTE today for personalized advice.


Check out this video from an Audimute Acoustic Specialist for more tips on noise control in open home floor plans:


St. Martin De Porres High School’s Gymnasium Acoustic Solution

Saint Martin de Porres’ gymnasium sound solution Gymnasiums are prime spots to host large crowds and noisy events. But the sound experience is always deafening. The gymnasium at St. Martin De Porres High School in Cleveland, Ohio suffered from poor acoustics during large events, as a mix of loud sounds would continuously bounce off the walls.


Because of the tall ceilings and hard surfaces, St. Martin De Porres High School knew that the only way to improve their gymnasium’s sound quality was to treat it with high-quality acoustic panels.


Discover how Audimute Acoustic Panels solved St. Martin De Porres’ sound problem from the ground up.








Saint Martin de Porres’ gymnasium sound solution



Effective Open Office Spaces: What’s Sound Got to do With it?

Noise solution for open office spaceOpen, collaborative office space seems to be the new way of life for most businesses. With walls, cubicles, and partitions stripped away, the idea is that:


• Employees benefit from free-flowing brainstorming and communication with colleagues

• Business objectives and pursuits become more innovative

• Expenses tied to office equipment, construction, and utilities dwindle



What’s not to love? Heck, the offices of Google and Facebook basically pioneered this unfastened environment. The trend has caught fire and it seems as though (most) businesses around the world don’t believe in closed-door, work-place barriers anymore.


Custom sound baffles for office






The downside? Noise.




Yes, the challenge that comes attached to an exposed environment is the acoustics. So, back to our initial question: What’s sound got to do with it? Well, quite a bit.




Conversations, phone calls, meetings – and that co-worker that always plays his music too loud – combine to create distractions and a clutter of noise in today’s open office. But before you decide this open office layout just ain’t workin’, look up. Your ceiling is about to become your solution.




Drown out echoes and excess noise with high-quality, eco-friendly acoustic ceiling baffles. A wide selection of cover material will help add style and customization to your sound absorption efforts. Choose from:

     • Standard or designer acoustic baffle fabrics, which give your space a simple yet sophisticated look

     • Custom color or custom image acoustic baffles, which are perfect to place company colors, logos & quotes on

     • Acousticolor™ sound baffles, which match any Sherwin-Williams shade



With easy installation – two eye hooks that connect to a hanging wire on any ceiling – you’ll be enjoying a more harmonious office environment in no time.



At Audimute Acoustic Panels, we help businesses of all shapes and sizes find the right solution for their unique sound problem. Unsure which solution is best for your open office? Contact us today. In less than 15 minutes, one of our sound solution experts will be able to understand your space and recommend a solution.




Shop our vast selection of acoustic ceiling baffles. Here’s to your quieter open office environment. 



Sound baffles for open office

Deagan's Kitchen & Bar Restaurant Acoustic Solution

Deagan’s Kitchen & Bar restaurant sound solution


Think about this for a moment: you’re going out on a date with your significant other, or you’re going out to dinner with family to celebrate a birthday or an accomplishment, or you’re grabbing a bite to each with a friend you haven’t seen in over a year. What kind of atmosphere do you want to spend your time in?



A loud, overbearing environment where you’re practically screaming across the table? Or an intimate, modest environment where it seems as if it’s just you and your company?




We bet you chose the latter.

Deagan’s Kitchen & Bar restaurant soundproofing






Deagan’s Kitchen & Bar – an award-winning gastropub in Lakewood, Ohio – had a noise issue in a side dining area that’s used for additional seating and private parties. This long, narrow room is comprised of high backed wood booths and hard wall surfaces, creating the perfect environment for sound to literally bounce off the walls.





Discover how Audimute Acoustic Panels effectively solved Deagan’s Kitchen & Bar sound problem, and created a customized, entertaining atmosphere.




Acoustic Panels as Interior Design: 4 Tips for Your Acoustic Room Treatment Design

4 Tips for Your Acoustic Room Treatment Design


Is an exceptional sound experience possible without sacrificing style?


 At Audimute Acoustic Panels, we’re a design driven company on a mission to create, innovate, and push the envelope with acoustic treatments for any space and function. Our custom and gallery acoustic image panels are the latest products that set out to enhance your décor and invigorate any decorative environment.



 With acoustic panels as your canvas, check out some of the hottest designer looks and trends with an acoustic twist.






Acoustic Room Treatment Design Ideas:

Interior design with acoustic panels



1. Think beyond a single row across the wall. Use graph paper to sketch out a variety of sizes and colors of panels, arranged in an attractive configuration.  





2. Want to match or compliment existing colors already in your interior design scheme? Acoustic panels are a great way to add a pop of color to your space, so don’t settle for just any acoustic panel color. AcoustiColor™ acoustic panels and tiles empower you to match or compliment your existing scheme with any Sherwin Williams’ color.





3. You could say that image panels are the “latest and greatest” development in the acoustic treatment world. At Audimute, we love them for their ability to effectively personalize any space. Choose a theme and select from a variety of image panels that match your desired atmosphere. For a more personal touch, upload any image and see it brought to life on an acoustic panel. It’s not an acoustic treatment anymore—it’s an art gallery fit for every space from a branded company conference room to a custom design home theater. 





4. Using the same size acoustic panels is a beautiful classic touch—but isn’t using a variety of sizes more fun?  Careful planning and placement of acoustic panels can enhance the interior design characteristics of your space.  In some spaces, the panels can even become the design focus.  In the example above, the addition of an arrangement of acoustic panels to a large blank wall added life and movement to the space, while also making the wall the focal point of the room.


Create your own Acoustic Room Treatment Design!

 With a little planning and a good sense of the design possibilities, introducing acoustic treatments to your beautifully designed home, gallery, restaurant, office, classroom, or custom design home theater can become an opportunity for expression. 




To learn more about Audimute’s panel design styles and options, call an Acoustic Specialist at (866) 505-MUTE– or fill out our free room analysis form to receive personalized advice for your space in no time.








Audimute Acoustic Panels + Award-Winning Musician, Jerry Jean

Jerry Jean music



As a company born from the love of music and sound, we catch ourselves these days living vicariously through musicians who release their one-of-a-kind art and sound into the world. It’s always an honor to learn that our acoustic panels are helping musicians create desired sounds and aid in their artistic process.



We caught up with Jerry Jean, a New York City based award-winning songwriter, arranger, producer, and musician. Read what he had to say about his path to becoming a musician and his experience with Audimute’s acoustic panels:








Q. Tell us about your path to becoming a songwriter and music producer.



A. I took violin and piano lessons from a young age and went to NYU to study vocal performance.  Upon graduation, I worked as a freelance musician in New York, playing shows and contributing keyboards and strings on both indie and major label records.  I also coached singers frequently and taught music theory at my alma mater.  Although I was grateful making a living as a musician, I did not feel I was leaving a tangible record of my own music. So in 2010, I expanded my focus to encompass writing and producing. I’ve since released 3 EPs, and am currently working on my first solo full-length album. 



Q. Tell us about your songwriting process. Where do you find creativity and inspiration?



A. Sometimes there is no predetermined subject, and I simply begin by improvising while singing at the piano. I let the subconscious determine the song as I play novel chord changes and vocalize whatever comes out: spontaneous refrains, wordless melismas, whatever. It's a rather vulnerable, private practice. I record these explorations on my phone, listen back, rinse and repeat. Other times, I set out to encapsulate a predetermined emotion, vibe, or event taken from life experience, either from my own or from what I observe from other people. When the song's seed is predetermined, the process will still go back to the improvisatory method I mentioned previously. These explorations are ultimately refined into the lyrics and music that win out.



Q. What is important to you when you start to produce a new sound or a song?



A. It’s important to be genuine, and to create something that can stand the test of time. This means investing effort and money not only to improving the songwriting and performance in the songs, but also to the technical aspects of proper recording, mixing, etc.



Q. You use acoustic panels on your studio wall. When did you realize you needed to improve the acoustics in your studio?



A. I installed the panels in late 2011, shortly after deciding to convert my spare room into my studio.  The room was initially full of undesired reverberations.  When I was coaching singers and they sang loud notes, the entire room shook with reverb.  Although singers sometimes enjoyed this phenomenon, I knew it would be detrimental when recording since I wouldn’t be able to remove the excessive sound reflections. I ultimately installed 8 large Audimute panels.  They have a stylish aesthetic, and are totally functional. 



Q. How do acoustic panels help you achieve a desired sound?



A. The paneling effectively absorbs the unwanted reverb.  Combined with my room’s carpeting and furnishings, the panels keep the sound controlled to my taste.  More paneling would dampen sound reflections even more, but I wanted to maintain a modest element of liveness in the room so didn't go overboard with coverage.



Q. What successes have you seen as a result of using Audimute's acoustic panels? 



A. My song Your Love, created completely in my music room, was a winner in the International Songwriting Competition. It now has over 50,0000 views online, and the Audimute panels can be seen in the studio performance video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYymQbVah54



My EPs Your Love and Fighting For You have both charted on iTunes, and I’m steadily improving my craft with each new project.  Since setting up my studio, I haven’t had to make any adjustments to the paneling, and it remains an integral part of my daily listening environment.  Not being bogged down with technical issues like proper room treatment allows me to focus my energies on making music and growing as a writer / producer.  While working on my new full-length record, I’ve recorded live strings, horns, vocals, acoustic basses and guitars in my studio. The panels help me obtain clean recordings during each session while making listening back more accurate. Visually, they also complement the vibe of the room. 




To learn more about Jerry, connect with him below:



Official website: http://www.jerryjean.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jerryjeanmusic

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/jerryjeanmedia

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/jerryjeanmusic







The Anatomy of Audimute's Innovative Acoustical Panels

What are acoustic panels made of?


We talk a lot about the effectiveness of acoustic panels: their ability to reduce unwanted sound, diminish a problematic echo, and significantly abate reverberation infuses new life and atmosphere into any properly treated space.




Acoustic panels are simple by nature; however, the quality, construction, and longevity of acoustic panels across the market are not always equal. Like an award-winning recipe, the acoustic panels that stand out in value, style, safety, and innovation are the ones that have been tested and improved upon until they meet the highest standards and quality.







At Audimute, we believe in creating environmentally friendly acoustic solutions that are designed and hand-assembled in our home state of Ohio, using materials made in the USA.



An Audimute acoustic panel is made of:



     • Acoustic fabric made of post- and pre-consumer recycled polyester

     • A fully recyclable lightweight steel frame

     • Our own innovative green absorption material, eco-C-tex™, which is a blend of recycled cotton and cellulose fibers




Why eco-C-tex? Standard acoustic panels are constructed with acoustic foam or fiberglass. eco-C-tex is a safer, greener alternative to traditional fiberglass insulation, requiring 1/10th the energy to manufacture, and 1/40th of the energy used in manufacturing acoustic foam.




 See the in’s and out’s of Audimute's innovative acoustical panel:


                                                                           What are acoustic panels made of?




Find the highest quality acoustic panels to fit your space and sound problem without sacrificing style. Shop our vast and completely customizable acoustic solutions, including acoustic panels, tiles, ceiling clouds and baffles, and much more.







Acoustic Panels vs. Acoustic Tiles

Difference between acoustic panels and acoustic tiles


When shopping for the acoustic solution that will best solve your sound issues and best fit your space’s style, acoustic panels and acoustic tiles can both get the job done. But there are differences between the two. Let’s look at a side-by-side comparison:

Acoustic Wall Panels

Acoustic Wall Tiles

Standard, designer, bleach-cleanable, and custom fabric wrapping choices

Standard, designer, bleach-cleanable, and custom fabric wrapping choices

Sharp, high-resolution gallery and custom images transferred to fabric prints

Textured color finish in natural or AcoustiColor™ coating

Gallery wrapped straight edge around light-weight metal framing

Hand-cut straight or beveled edges

Available in 2” and 4” thicknesses

Available in .5”, 1”, 1.5” thicknesses

Hangs on walls like a picture frame using single provided Z-Clip

Adhesive tape or industrial glue holds tiles flush against the wall for a seamless installation

Difference between acoustic panels and acoustic tiles

Style needs and desires can help you determine which solution will work best for you.

Audimute’s Acoustic Panels

Our acoustic panels are perfect for making your space come to life with vivid, high-quality images. Browse our galleries of popular images or upload your own personal photo, logo, or design for a personal touch.


 Looking for a more classic look? Find just what your space needs with customary, luxury, and designer acoustic fabrics for a finished look unique to your space.

Difference between acoustic panels and acoustic tiles

 Audimute’s Acoustic Tiles

Acoustic fabric tiles bring a clean-cut, professional look to any space. With a wide-range of fabrics to choose from, you can match any design theme.

AcoustiColor™ Tiles and Audimute Acoustic Shapes will add personality, vibrant color, and fun shapes and configurations to your walls. Choose from seven standard sizes and thousands of color options to create your desired wall art.

Difference between acoustic panels and acoustic tiles

Head on over to our acoustic panel vs. acoustic tile treatment comparison page to find more information on how these acoustic solutions differ.

The Paul Mitchell Salon School’s Acoustic Solution

Salon acoustic solutionsSalons are fun, social atmospheres. They welcome beaming conversation and they host noise from blow dryers and hair washing stations. With so much going on in one open space, instruction and conversation become difficult.



The Paul Mitchell Salon School is known for unleashing talented hair stylist into the beauty world. Within their instructional space, the Paul Mitchell Salon School found that the open environment and hard surfaces heightened conversations and activity during made teaching sessions, making the setting very noisy.



It was time to find a solution to improve the school’s acoustics. The school knew the solution had to compliment their already established clean, minimalist ambiance.





Read how Audimute worked with the school's designers at Powell Dudley Frith Architects to create an acoustic solution that was not only high-quality and effective, but also vibrant and stunning. 






#iLoveAudimute! Do You?

Audimute acoustic solutions in your space


We get giddy with every acoustic solution we make, paint, print, and ship out. We can’t wait for your acoustic solution to arrive at your door step, and we certainly can’t wait until you experience your new found sound experience.



We’ve been dying to ask: How did your acoustic solution turn out?



Let’s see it! We want to showcase your space with your newly implemented acoustic solution. Send or post a photo of your remarkable sound experience and we’ll add it to our sound solution inspiration board.






Don’t stop there!


     • Make sure to add the hashtag #iLoveAudimute to your social media photo submission.


     • Do you have a ‘before’ photo? Make sure to send that, too. That way everyone can see your space’s  transformation.


     • Leave a note with your photo that discusses the sound issue your space was experiencing and the impact Audimute’s acoustic treatment made in your  space.